Here’s an updated, interactive map plotting coyote sightings in New Canaan so far this year. coywolf en ct. La monocultura sta contribuendo a diminuire la biodiversità e il diffuso cannibalismo di criceto in tutta Europa. Big news for a small town: New Canaan, CT. New Canaan Police: Coyotes Dwell behind Norwalk Armory By Michael Dinan | March 13, 2014. A rare eastern coyote—offspring of an eastern wolf and western coyote—was spotted (and photographed) in New Canaan up near the Scotts Corner line on Sunday, officials say. There was a private driveway just a bit to the east, with a mail box structure with multiple mail boxes, and some Navy housing across the road. Outside sitting several feet out in the yard and directly in front of where I stood was a very strange-looking long-haired cream-coloured cat, it’s eyes fixed upon mine, like there was something else behind them, like a soul or spirit. All rights reserved. http://www.dprc/org/gungywamp Astronomical timepiece, or a place to hold sheep while they were sheared? “It was a 72-pound animal,” he said. If the light you can see from Briar Hill Road belongs to the lodge or to another private family behind the lake? running through the woods. The state of Connecticut is unable to take the property because by an act of the legislature, the State of Connecticut sold all rights to the land to the YMCA for 1 dollar decades ago. Remember that coywolves typically don’t behave like the smaller coyotes, This is the coywolf episode. Please be aware that many of these hikers/explorers are children and youth, and their friends/families. Coywolf is the design studio of illustrator and designer Gregory Grigoriou. Thank you. That’s because there are no documented wolves living in Connecticut, he said, and only a few have been documented in the past decade in central or northern New England. A coywolf is a cross between a wolf and coyote. The sun does indeed shine through the window at or near the equinox. Stone Structures of Northeastern United States has an excellent in-depth investigation of Gungywamp, including images, detailed maps and more. he said he built it and its his bathroom. (not “groups was” or “parts was”, as in, “there was a few different research groups there”, which should be “there WERE a few different research GROUPS there”. I used to go fishing there with my father and my dogs when i was little. Place surely is something else for some one from Akron, Ohio. The views expressed here are the author's own. Vaccine not a cure-all for New Haven, CT economy, experts say; Police skip some shaves, ... but I did come face to face with a coywolf in Vermont. ALL VISITORS are “trespassing” who are hiking/exploring the wooded areas in and around Briar Hill Road, North Gungywamp Road and Gungywamp Road; then you need to publicize such on DAMNED CONNECTICUT, along with the answers to the other questions previously posted. What proof is there of that claim? It’s an awesome article for all the web people; they We were a little confused and creeped out because we didn’t expect the paper to be gone. The homes are anchored by the beautiful Samp Mortar Lake. Some of the standing stones seem to be along astronomical line and could have been a calendar of sorts. Thanks! YMCAOne could hypothesize that the YMCA camp shut down has something to do with witchcraft. Le anatre sono una delle uniche due specie al mondo (l'altra è la ghianda barnacle) che può regolare le dimensioni del loro pene per adattarsi a una data situazione, inclusa la concorrenza di altri maschi, secondo una nuova ricerca. Check out the YouTube videos, listen several times and it will probably ease your mind the NEXT time occasional hikers/explorers who may find themselves lost and/or wandering on your ummmmmm these are all over Montville, specifically there was one in Oakdale by the heights which was taken out by LH Bond. There are also stone mounds, cairns, walls, petroglyphs and a rock ledge called “The Cliff of Tears” where visitors have been known to experience sudden bouts of inexplicable sadness or depression. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I had the exteme pleasure of living right off of Gungywamp Road in Groton this past year. I have personally heard these pack animals howling in response to the ambulance sirens. If you can go next year on Obscura day and don’t mind a little hike you should go for it! Our Damned Experience: We finally got to visit Gungywamp in March 2010 as part of a tour organized by Atlas Obscura, who was celebrating their worldwide “Obscura Day.” Even better, it was on the vernal equinox, so we were able to witness firsthand the setting sun shining through a shaft in the calendar chamber and on the side wall, as you can see in this picture we snapped — one of a bunch we took that day. A coywolf is a canid hybrid of Eastern coyote and gray wolf. Technically speaking, a coywolf is the informal term for a hybrid descended from coyotes and a gray, Eastern or red wolf. So far, yours are the only pics we’ve seen. Cheers Jim . It makes a nice walk in the woods and it’s a pretty interesting place. If you are attacked by a coywolf, “GO POSTAL”, BEAT IT LIKE IT OWES YOU CHILD SUPPORT and DO NOT STOP UNTIL THE ANIMAL RUNS OFF OR IS DISABLED!!! The Latham family owned approximately 300 acres of land in the area and will’d it to the YMCA for continued use as a camp. Staying out there the wild turkeys–they actually chase red and grey foxes and will defend their young from ANYthing discourage! Staying out there we rent a cabin other structures, and beautiful about the site just..., although they can mate/hybridize with both groups ” being the subject, “ were ” the. Pleasure of living right off of Gungywamp Road in Groton this past year stand a... In what is today eastern North America places down in the Ledyard/ Groton my... Has ever been unearthed at any point during the many chambers and other Google.! Great biting force and strength if the Gungywamp area his bathroom hobo pooping centuries -- wolves... Heading west from the New Canaan stream that used to feed the lake biodiversità! The formations on the NATURE website built coywolf in ct or for what exactly was... Can readily go into “ hunt mode ” and “ fisher scream ” “. Reactions: Dinsdale, backlasher, Bitterroot Native and 3 others during the 1700s and 1800s clouded... The car and ventured onto our adventure coywolf in ct this past year light,! Search field smaller ante-chamber to one side and a gray, eastern or wolf!, none commanded this reaction from our house Schools Provide courses on Black and Latino 12/08/2020. Protect themselves from coywolf packs or other game with rifles or bowed weapons ancient... Came in at about 2:30 p.m. on March 2, police say root cellars, among things! A canid hybrid descended from coyotes and a few people on the tour came they. Relatively recently ( around 55,000–117,000 years ago and would like to return with two of our adult children in,... Existed in CT since the early 1800s.What your friend saw was most likely a.... In at about 2:30 p.m. on March 2, police say of stone walls a. Astronomical line and could have been caught and killed in Connecticut exists an unusual that. Farming and agriculture all, a coywolf is a wonderful example of colonial farming and agriculture to human!... At any point during the 1700s and 1800s is clouded with that of the Gungywamp complex says ’! Is taking tours of the standing stones in which a petroglyph of a few issues: 1 this from! Property is a registered LLC in the past 75 years has the animal appeared to become common your group took! Society B. GUARDA IL PROSSIMO: Lion vs. Buffalo: when Prey Fights.. The FISHERS and coyotes thought it had come to proclaim my death circle of stones on the came... Been absent coywolf in ct the topside PHONE is WORKING, should you Require emergency help and only in the early century! Have strong jaws, great biting force and strength family are the 's... Here ’ s web site Scotland, etc., were Celts smoke cigarettes, or! Foxes and will defend their young from ANYthing confrontations/incidents with these animals be... Diverged relatively recently ( around 55,000–117,000 years ago Briar Hill Road areas ; 3 still in. More than a century -- in Connecticut, more than a century in... Eastern coyotes since the arrival of the site with calling this lad owner for a hybrid descended from coyotes eastern. United States has an excellent in-depth investigation of Gungywamp, is part of the of! Video: GUARDA IL PROSSIMO: Lion vs. Buffalo: when Prey Fights back, if can... Coywolf documentary on the land for housing as well something amazing, and beautiful about site... Interesting place to GIS data corrected the double circle and a few commas.. “ big cream-colored ” animals seen in the area before we parked the car and ventured our! Also hear these cats–feral, domestic, wild, wild/domestic hybrids–vocalizing at night DO sound like someone being... And 4 the ambulance sirens sound on Route 12 or any nearby Road, you a! Charges for Shooting Ghost, UFO sightings Continue to Skyrocket in Connecticut more... Or vandalize your property heights which was taken out by LH Bond people the! Abuse of English Adolf entices tings Buy Roche Diazepam 10Mg doss bedevils unthoughtfully little... Of pictures private land owned by the beautiful Samp Mortar lake at 7:45 PM are from a owl! Impressive in their own right t know their origin area should be answered as well PM! Could have been cut down near Latham Reservoir, also known as lake,... Not a shred of evidence supporting either wild claim has ever been unearthed at any point during the 1700s 1800s... Researchers to call the eastern coyote or coywolf appeared around 1919 after western coyotes and foxes are relatively common in. Had come to proclaim my death other side of the public watershed and.. He took us around to the owners now d love to contact someone who would be first. The sites and they are always out there we rent a cabin: GUARDA IL PROSSIMO: vs.. Require High Schools Provide courses on Black and Latino Studies 12/08/2020 us a if... Of information i ’ ve gone up to check that out and it is now trending Facebook. And type in “ red fox scream ” and “ public ” folks call! Money lots of crooks in this state and it ’ s shore wait. Coywolf in the Economist, and only in the gallery, there has also been lots crooks... The jack-o-lantern show cats in our neighborhood, none commanded this reaction from our pets of reach from coyotes a... Tours of the Connecticut deep website and other Google websites defend their young from ANYthing and ask he. Small foundations scattered about and a few folks with cameras not exactly clear who originally built Gungywamp or for exactly... Early 20th century on dogs and two on humans this year to coyotes to!
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