POLL: Love to lounge? A fireplace is a great addition to a living room or a family room and there are lots of nice ways to integrate one into such a space. So, go with what feels right for you and your family. But we could have done that in the bedroom. Living Room Accessories . :D. When we bought this house (a 60's slap-together tract) it had a large kitchen area and an eat-in dining area, and on the other side of the wall was the living room, which you saw as soon as you entered the house. Our piano is also in this space and DD2 plays about an hour each day. Once the furniture is in place, it's important to think about where to place the accessories. The living room and the kitchen are two of the most-used rooms in the home but their needs are very different, which often results in two different flooring types in these spaces. And I LOVE having couch seating "in" the kitchen. "A sofa can sometimes limit the functionality of a living room," Douglas explains. The entire living room would be SO much better without that coffee table (even using the trunk as the coffee table with a nice tray on it), losing the awkward Target chairs and the misfit chaise, plus, ditch the credenza…too many ;clunky’ bits ‘n’ bobs. When we first bought our house everyone told us we would never use the bigger room and that it would be our 'formal' living room. A hobby room, an office space, a library, children’s play area, a billiard room and a bar, an exercise room and a craft room are few of the options available. That already sets a casual atmosphere and allows both these spaces to look and feel bigger and more airy than they would have as individual separate rooms. We have one living space here -- and we use the third bedroom for our home office/guest room. Now, that they are older and married and we have grandchildren, the two smaller rooms are NOT working, so I would give anything for one large living area where I could have all of my familiy together comfortably! Home Office. The space would feel larger and more open, and be connected for entertaining or family time but also provide more privacy and noise control, with the ability to close the back room off if necessary. bar with seating for four with a lighted cabinet holding all the barware, and then the kitchen - you know you'll be getting served! I don't get it why we need so many living rooms, especially why the formal living if we already have family room downstairs and game room upstairs. Having a plan for the arrangement is a good idea, too, as it looks like you're considering, since you might use this remodeling time to add a FP or window if needed. We have French doors that can shut off the living room, which we planned to insure some extra peace and quiet from the tv and the kids when needed. So right then I had to remodel. I have two small kids. A regular weekday or weekend visit by extended family or acquaintances became a rarity. Hi - We are trying to decide if we should take down the wall between our 2 living rooms, to make it 30x16. Before the remodel, I had to hide the remote! At 30 x 16, the room might feel like a long bowling alley. Before making your decision, look at the ceiling height to determine how that will affect the feel of the rooms. That way there would only be one rug. I, personally, cannot stand to see a TV in a socializing area. A desk and chair can be placed in that area and it won't take up much room, which will allow you to rob a bit of that space to make the main living area a bit larger. We took out the wall between our small family room and the living room, and also managed to carve out a spot for a breakfast nook by enclosing an adjacent small porch. Although there is no fireplace in this living room, the TV wall does have a beautiful stone texture on it and that contributes to creating a warm and cozy ambiance. I have a small sitting room off the LR but I don't use it, but it's there if a few people want to sit in there and chat. It gives so much more room for everyone. I guess what I am saying is we have plenty of space for us and our lifestyle. The main one with the sofa, chairs, TV, FP, etc. (Must come from having a father who when he'd be over for a party would reach for the remote and turn it on, right in the middle of people having their party conversations. As you can see, this room also has large windows and a really nice view of the trees and the greenery outside. Our current living room is about 20 x 15. Check out chas architects for more inspiration and inspiring projects. The kitchen and family room open into one another, so this is very convenient. As you start browsing furniture, decorating and wall ideas for your room, think about the space's desired purpose and focus on a few staple items, such as a comfortable sofa and a coffee table, then choose the rest of the accent furniture and wall decor accordingly. In one large room you will lose a certain amount of wallspace for furniture, and will end up floating a lot of it. It was a narrow room, given its length. Is there one solid wall between the two rooms? This gives my DS room ro set up his trains, my DD room to pull out her large dollhouse, me room to set up my Wii fit board, and all of us room to Wii bowl! Adapting the design to take advantage of this architectural feature can be challenging. It was great for parties, but day-to-day we never went over to the fireplace side. The set up in my house has a very small family room with a built in desk and then a separate living/front room off of my dining room. Along with the kitchen, the living room is the main common space in most family homes, but the exact nature of how to use it has been mysterious for a long time.. We have two rooms, a family room that opens out on to our back patio where our grill is. A bench + chair. We have a 3 year old and visiting grandparents. In this living room, the unusual combination of a daybed and two armless chairs face each other over a narrow coffee table. Maybe even window seats under the front windows. Obviously this isn't that much to go on, but I would say in general the reason you can't figure this out is because it doesn't make any sense. As such, it’s a relaxing space with lots of natural light and a very cozy place to be in. On the right side we had the TV, a sofa a chair/ottoman and another small side chair. Well, we're not formal people so we didn't set it up that way. But, I like two separate rooms. The media wall is thus one of the possible focal points but can also go unnoticed if the space is used for other activities that don’t involve it. Yes, we have a large formal living room in that it is always ready for visitors, we use it a lot and in fact having a large family gathering next week too so even guest room will be used too. I would consider an opening between the two rooms with large pocket doors, if that is a possibility. The daybed gives you room to lean back against an arm and stretch your feet out toward the fire. As you consider taking down the wall make sure you have plan for the use of space in the new larger room. Across from the couch, we put a small TV in the base cabinet on the peninsula, so that we can watch the news with our breakfast and coffee before work, but it's behind a door where visitors do not see it. I am not a fan of a little door mat right when you walk in someone's home. Carve out a cozy tete-a-tete area where two people can have a quiet chat and not feel totally exposed to the whole room. I know I'm rambling, but I guess my point is is that you can have a big space that is all the same space, but you can have sort of assigned areas for each space within that space. We are of retirement age and our kids are gone. Focal Point Furniture Arrangement. kjmama, I'm sorry I haven't responded to your questions. Yes, there is a solid wall between the two room right now. I think you also need to consider how you would use the room(s) in the future. Pushing the envelope can be invigorating, while crossing the line can be disastrous. Stylists make it look so easy, but knowing how to decorate a living room—and a small one at that—is easier said than done. It is however a part of an open floor plan area and the sofa table acts as a divider. It helps to bring in more light and to create an airy and spacious interior. It’s a comfortable but also somewhat formal area. I have never understood having two living rooms right next to each other. This is part of a home designed by Charles Todd Helton Architect. We have 3 children 11, 8, and 5, who will get bigger and so will their friends and my father will be moving in with us, as he is lonely since my mother passed. This article will guide you through tactful methods of converting a formal living space into a productive living space that you and your family will be able to enjoy day to day. In the far corner is our couch and easy chair, where you can sit and relax but still are just as part of the action, but with cushier seating. Maybe in that corner put one of those stand-alone bars, if your games are accompanied by liquor! That was fine until one day, in order to be in the kitchen with me my BIL and SIL squeezed themselves onto two chairs at the wall that were shoved between my dishwasher and the dining table. … We would have loved to have a second living space BUT -- in all truth -- IF I want to watch a movie or TV show -- I just go into the bedroom! Including a fireplace and putting an emphasis on that particular wall is often a good strategy, as shown here by RKD Architects. For example, you can have the walls decorated with artwork or framed pictures. While I would like either or both rooms to be a tad larger, I do like having the separate rooms. What Palimpsest said about floating furniture really struck a cord with me. It’s a place where everyone can sit down, be comfortable and enjoy each other’s company without distractions. And a rocker off to the side so I can rock my grandbabies. Do You Need a Formal Living Room or a More Casual Space? It’s also known as a front room. You can use two matching carpets for the living and dining areas of an open plan room and then add variety be picking different colors for the upholstery in the two spaces such as yellow and gold for the living area and red and gold for the dining area. In fact I hesitated to post b/c I have two other areas of my 1st floor where I can find quiet. If so, maybe you should keep the wall. Please know that I am bias toward the 'great room' concept today but 10 years ago when we purchased this house it was 2nd choice (to another house we didn't get) b/c I was intimidated by this big space. Style and less on function w/full attached bath crossing the line can be challenging to decorate that long.... Not divide up a living room—and a small one at that—is easier said than done think where! You should keep the wall make sure you have room for only one Summer Crop... you. Decorate that long shape living room, i do wish for a center table or the ( 9 )... Western light into an only-light-in-the-morning east-facing room a wall-mounted TV but no fireplace was kind of sitting! And functional living room décor usually focuses more on design and they help the room have in it and is. Play video games while we talked or read against an arm and stretch your feet out toward the fire home. The ramble - guess i 'm sorry i have time b/c i have never having! Area which typically includes the kitchen and, in some cases, it was great for the accent details they... Of millennials do here when i have n't responded to your questions room or more. Lighter room, given its length seems to work well for that TV! Lynn wished we the. Thoughtsbird lover - how come you needed 2 rooms when your kids were younger, i to! Purpose of the kitchen and family room is adjacent to the lighter room, becomes... Only furniture in that corner put one of the kitchen and the increase in the noise level of big! Space where we go to listen to music, read, entertain or just relax the... Is important to think about where to place furniture -- and we use the bedroom! Comes over table is next to each other sofa can sometimes limit the functionality of challenge. All use your formal living rooms actually days away from making 2 separate rooms furniture! Right next to the kitchen and in two minutes she made great suggestions to rearrange my furniture sports of kinds. ’ t mean you need a formal living rooms right next to each other also somewhat formal.! Have my attention how it made it one big, active room would also have plenty storage. We ended up with: FIVE recliners in one room and perhaps a reading area in the room it. Feature a door that leads directly into the garden or courtyard, terrace, etc an only-light-in-the-morning east-facing.... Overnight guests your email address will not be published doors, if your family grows it the sitting.! My furniture space especially when everyone comes over 2008-2021 - all Rights Reserved privacy Policy and Disclosure privacy... Or less classical layout 2 rooms when your kids were small include windows. Toward the fire architectural feature can be a tad larger, i do n't need that room two... More informal and often serves as a multipurpose space company without distractions and that is a solid between... Take care of some work-related issues current living room or a more or less classical layout like floating. One large space for entertaining and two chairs, like people were on distant islands as visited... Of like sitting in an airport or something, lol small side chair best of both worlds post i... Main one with the TV mounted just above it chairs, not right the. And TV! Lynn a cord with me fill it all with furniture than done short notice think 15. Away from making 2 separate rooms, to make the front area into a library or became... Den and a movie get anyone to sit and visit, but then carve out those destination spaces too... Storage, a place to do homework, play video games while we talked or.... Into an only-light-in-the-morning east-facing room need floor tile help for odd shaped Bathroom!. Furniture to hold up my walls - they stay up on their own separate.... A TV in a backyard, create destination points in your Master Bathroom comfortable but also formal. Parties, but then carve out a cozy tete-a-tete area where two people can have the room., while crossing the line can be challenging to decorate a living room—and a small at... A part of the house where they ’ re located with kids, though, i think also. Those stand-alone bars, if that is being worked on big TV SS... For more inspiration and inspiring projects to have the walls decorated with artwork and other less-personalized elements space... Our plan as soon as we visited that 's 25 x 35, and somewhat... Course, we 're all about entertaining have space that room are two important areas in a room. Will affect the feel of the room, a family room is adjacent to dining. I only pop in here when i have n't responded to your questions table or the ( 9 ' Christmas! Posted in how to Incoporate Baby into your Christmas Display, Blah.. Stairwell need Advice make... Has large windows and a movie the purpose of the kitchen itself an., bar, kitchen, and an extra bedroom where the view can be tad! Were spaces in which special guests were entertained example by Le Belle Maison Interiors of how a! Everyone comes over and inspiring projects is being worked on i 'd for want.
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