ProQuest. POSITION STATEMENT College Athlete Health and Protection from Physical and Psychological Harm1 October 1, 2019 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The governance structure of intercollegiate athletics appears unable to police academic fraud and deliver a bona fide college education to athletes. But others hold the position that electronic resumes are more appropriate for today’s more modern (and green) workforce. A similar systemic failure apparently “College students have a reputation of being broke,” said a professor from Monmouth University. Paying student-athletes might sound like a fairer way to treat students who generate so much money and attention for their colleges (not to mention … Instead of the people who are in charge of the organization making all the money, they should have some of their salaries cut in order to give the student athletes a specific amount of money for each semester they participate in a sport.  College athletes should be paid because they work so hard but sustain severe injuries instead of money.  Concussions may not only be career ending, but life threatening.  Knee injuries prohibit athletes from being the same kind of athlete pre-injury.  Student athletes train so hard each day so they can play each game at his or her very best, while trying to attend class and get all of the work done for each class.  Student athletes have no time to be apart of any other school activities because of this.  The N.C.A.A makes money off of each student athlete while the athlete receives no compensation for his or her work. Web. 05 Nov. 2013, Williams, David. It is the position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Dietitians of Canada, and the American College of Sports Medicine that the performance of, and recovery from, sporting activities are enhanced by well-chosen nutrition strategies. For most athletes, a well-constructed diet (omnivorous or otherwise) should provide sufficient energy in order to achieve energy balance [15]. In a position paper assignment, your charge is to choose a side on a particular topic, sometimes controversial, and build up a case for your opinion or position. makes an annual profit of $750 million each year just off of television contracts (Vecsey). 10 Nov. 2013. Many will say that the student-athletes are already compensated with a college education. The main reason why people think they should not be paid is because they have no way of doing so.  They are put into these classes because these classes are they only ones that fit into the training and game schedule. All athletics-related scholarship awards should extend to graduation (a Athletes play each game like it’s their last and for some it really is their last. 2600). Having a college experience is crucial to a student, these students are not able to have it because they are to busy with the one sport. As soon as the project was assigned, I knew that this was the topic I wanted to research and cover in my paper. Not only is it unfair that the student athletes do not get paid, but the N.C.A.A. Mar 2006. Web. This is the position paper of the NSCA on youth participation in resistance training. Compensation of College Athletes… Page 4 of 12 4. If a Division I athlete wants to join another club, orchestra, or another sport they will not be able to. Position for an Essay “Should College Athletes Be Paid” The first step to writing an essay deserving a positive grade is choosing a firm stand. makes profit off of a players work. In discussions of compensation for college athletes, a particular point of disagreement has been weather or not college athletes should be paid for their hard work. 2. Here are 16 position paper topics that pick a side. Training for 45 hours a week is hard work and then trying to manage schoolwork on top of that is even more difficult. 5 Nov. 2013. Vecsey, George. If you are a student, then the phrase “position paper” makes total sense to you. Of particular concern in sports … This legislation encourages the development of concussion manage-ment guidelines that will strengthen the procedures involving the prevention, identification, and treatment of Mar 25 1990. Overall, college athletes should be paid in order to prolong and improve the world of college athletics. However, if you’re reading this post, your success is guaranteed. “Williams: Student-Athletes Should Not be Paid Or Treated as University. William David wrote, “That the only reason they are not paid is because there is no way of doing so.”  Finding a way to pay athletes may be time consuming but it would definitely be worth every second. Some people think that scholarship paid to colleges for these student athletes is enough while others claim that the payments might make them to leave the college early for participating in the athletics. Brain surgeon Jane McDevitt states, “That concussions in athletes accounts for 16.5 billion dollars or 44% of all hospitalization.” This is saying how almost half of all the hospitalization in sports are caused by concussions.  How is it fair that a player can sustain an expensive injury while putting their health at risk and make nothing? Old-school thought mandates paper resumes because of their formality. The N.C.A.A. Concussions are the most serious injury an athlete can sustain while playing a sport. Position Paper: Protecting Student Athletes From Concussions Act Position Paper This legislation encourages the development of concussion management guidelines that will strengthen the procedures involving the prevention, identification, and treatment of concussions in elementary and secondary schools. “Should College Athletes be Paid?” New York Times (1923-Current file): 1. 5 Nov. 2013 . Oct 16 2013. Other common types of injuries athletes sustain are broken or dislocated bones. Knee injuries are another common type of injuries, which are often career ending, include ACL and MCL. I enjoyed writing the Position Paper due to my general interest in the subject. This leads to more problems such, as their grades will drop. 5 Nov. 2013. Web. Athletes are always traveling weather its actually on the road or just running around at a practice.  If an athlete is going to a game he or she may be in the bus for hours. A full time job is 40 hours. Athletes cannot make money off there own gear.  Athletes cannot sell their own shoes or his or her own jersey; this is one way the N.C.A.A. Scholarship Awards. The college athletes of their respective sports today, have the opportunity of showcasing their talents in competition on local and national programming on a regular basis which has lately brought attention this controversy, paying college athletes. If the player has no spare money they are not able to get away from their stressful lives and see a movie or go to a bar. To find out more visit our privacy policy. Position The American Physical Therapy Association strongly supports the Protecting Student Athletes from Concussions Act (H.R. One way is that if they are always stressing out about loosing their scholarship they will not play as well as they should. Academic Search Complete. This is just one incident where a college athlete died due to a concussion. Athletes are not only worried about losing their scholarships; they have to worry about making money to afford things. Injuries are a common occurrence during sporting events.  “ There are over 3.8 million sports related injuries that occur each year” (McDevitt). The thesis statement must communicate the topic of the essay: Whether college athletes should be paid, and Convey a position on that topic: That college athletes should/should not be paid, and ; State a couple of defendable, supportable reasons why college athletes should be paid (or vice versa). The purpose of the present position paper promoted by EHRA and EACPR and endorsed by ... law mandates regular medical evaluation in all participants of organized sports. When you’re assigned an essay “should college athletes be paid”, you may lack arguments to make it really persuasive. Recently an athlete tried to sell his own shoes and got in trouble for it, that is very unfair.  Athletes are sometimes put in classes that are not even used toward their major. If college athletes were paid they would not have to worry about earning money or loosing their scholarships. The article High-Risk Drinking in College Athletes and Nonathletes Across the Academic Year from the journal, Journal of College Counseling which is written by Diana M. Doumas, Rob Turrisi, Kenneth M. Coll, and Kate Haralson, explores heavy drinking and alcohol-related consequences between freshman student-athletes and non-athletes. How does this cut in any way support the triple aim of health care CMS says it's pursuing? 5 Nov. 2013 . makes money off the tickets that are sold for the games.  Another way they make money is off of video games. because he was not being paid enough and his athletes were mad their jerseys were being sold and they were not making any money (Vecsey). “Athletes don’t have free choice of what major they take if the class conflicts with the practice schedule, they cannot take it or just miss a majority of the classes,” said Amy McCormick (Cooper). You probably received this assignment at school after a short explanation of the concept. This line of on-going research provided experiential feedback supporting most of the relevant points of critique in the ABSP Position Paper. ... the coaches are paid for their position. This is one reason why college athletes should be paid. 5 Nov. 2013. Athletes are vulnerable to injuries that can affect them life long.   Review. 26 Nov. 2013. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Position Paper American College of Sports Medicine Position Stands National Athletic Trainers Association Position … needs to pay their student athletes. Final Essay. The athletes cannot get the same value out of the education because of the already intense time commitment to the sport that has given them the opportunity to be in school. However, data suggests that a negative energy balance is common in endurance athletes and athletes participating in weight-making and aesthetic sports (such as combat sports, gymnastics, skating and dancing, etc.) By using this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. should set a side a profit for athletes.”. Blum, D. E. “Assistant basketball coaches sue NCAA over salary limits.” The Chronicle of, Higher Education, (1993). In conclusion, the N.C.A.A. The Foundation has prepared the following position paper to help equip schools and transgender student-athletes with the information they need to ensure fair … An athlete has 168 hours a week and 85 are already taken, that is not including sleeping or time for homework.” Between training each week and games, they run out of energy. Some of these injuries are concussions. In the world, college athletics grows and continues to bring large financial benefits to colleges, universities and even sponsors. And all you need now are several good position paper examples that will help you understand how your own composition should really look like. “College Athletes Move Concussions Into the Courtroom.” New York Times 30 Nov. 2011, sec. “Neuronal Structural Protein Polymorphism And Concussion In College Athletes.” Brain Injury 25.11 (2011): 1108-1113. Look for my articles about how to write argument or position essays for lots of ideas on how to introduce essays and find sources. If student athletes were paid to play the sports they would not feel as left out about not being able to participate in other activities, sports, clubs, or some free time to just relax and reflect on life.  This is because they are always on the road. B: 14. In 1993 a coach tired to sue the N.C.A.A.  These are knee injuries, ACL and MCL, which can be divesting to an athlete because of how important knees are to a player. ProQuest. They do it because they make money off how well their team plays. makes money. “Should College Athletes be Paid to Play?” Diverse Issues in Higher Education 28.10 (2011): 12-3. Joint Position Stands are similar to ACSM Position Stands, but are developed in concert with at least one other not-for-profit organization or governmental agency. Why should the N.C.A.A. For Advertisers, Exhibitors, and Sponsors. For Advertisers, Exhibitors, and Sponsors  |  For Media. This legislation encourages the development of concussion management guidelines that will strengthen the procedures involving the prevention, identification, and treatment of concussions in elementary and secondary schools. Everyone needs time to unwind after long stressful days and a way to keep their mind off of things. ProQuest. If an athlete fails then they can lose their scholarship.  Athletes must then go through a rigorous rehab process to help their knee heal.  Even when the knee has healed, it will never be the same, which means the athlete is more likely to injure it again, not just by playing sports, but maybe at a work party in their career or a high school reunion.  Along with losing their scholarships, injuries like these make mobility an issue; therefore they also make working an issue. The final reason why college athletes should be paid is because the N.C.A.A. Content Type:  Position Paper, If you think the proposed cut won’t affect you because you don’t provide services for patients covered by Medicare, I urge you to think about the community. Coaches also get paid to train their athletes; this may be why coaches push their athletes so hard. However, David Stanley set the course for the NCAA to take severe action against universities that compensate student-athletes. “Suit Filed Against NCAA, Coach in Frostburg Player’s Death”. This is very unfair that an athlete’s jersey is sold but they make no money off of it. Depending on the degree of the break the athlete may not be able to play a sport anymore also lose the scholarship. because he was not being paid enough and his athletes were mad their jerseys were being sold and they were not making any money (Vecsey). Date: March 1, 2020 5611/S. He is an individual that receives little to zero press coverage. A physical effect is that the athlete is very tired and will not feel like doing his or her schoolwork. Web. Athletes end up having to study and do their school work on the bus.  They also have to miss many classes because they are always traveling. Another way they make money is when a college makes it to the championship the N.C.A.A. You will use facts, opinion, statistics, and other forms of evidence to convince your reader that your position is the best one. Apr 07 2011. ProQuest. Web. Cooper, Kenneth J. If athletes were paid they would have that spare money and could use it to go out and have fun or relax. Some people argue that college athletes have no time to work and therefore should be paid, while others contend that college athletes already receive compensation by not having to pay for college tuition. LexisNexis. Amy McCormick, Should College Athletes be Paid to Play, stated that,” Division 1 athletes are qualified as employees under Federal Labor Laws.” In the world today citizens are taught to reward others for their hard work. This leads to many debates concerning the payment of the athletes. David Stanley is not a household name. They could focus more on the sport and their grades rather then just trying to slide by to keep the scholarship. There are many other types of injuries besides concussions that athletes may sustain. Web. A coach gets paid every time they sign a new athlete to their team. Knowing where you stand on a topic is an important step in writing an effective position paper, but it’s also a good idea to check out a few examples just to see what a well-written position paper looks like. Very large athletes might also find it difficult to achieve energy balance, particularly during high-volume training phases [16, 17]. They also make money off of an athlete by selling their jersey. The 2020 APTA Flash Action Strategy kicks off with a Sept. 14 virtual pep rally before launching a two-day effort to support PT-PAC. College athletes should be paid because they work so hard but receive severe injuries instead of money, they train so hard each day so they can play each game at their very best, and the N.C.A.A.  Some concussions are more serious than others.  If a college athlete sustains a concussion he or she may have to stop playing that sport and lose the scholarship. Concussions are caused by a blow to the head and affect the brain in many ways including: balance problems, depression, and many others such as brain damage. This post shows you two position paper examples that stand for something. Athletes should be able make compensation off their own attire. The Washington times (Washington, D.C. : 1982) (0732-8494),  p. C.2. College Athletes Should be Paid. “College Athletes should Get Paid Too.” University Wire. Use of this and other APTA websites constitutes acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.   If a student loses his or her scholarship they can no longer afford the college they were attending.  Most athletes are only attending the school they are at because they received a scholarship, if they loose the scholarship they may drop out of that school due to money. My Practice Is Barely Surviving COVID-19. If athletes were paid then some of this mental stress would be relieved and they could focus more on school and the sport. These people think this because athletes are already being given a free ride to college and they are not employees.  An athlete may be given a full paid scholarship; however, if they begin to fail a class they will lose their scholarship. All rights reserved. ProQuest. The Youth Resistance Training: Updated Position Statement Paper from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (2009) for guidelines on strength and conditioning programs that emphasize a long-term approach to developing strength and power. Athletes have no time to obtain even a part time job because they are also training or doing schoolwork. It is the position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Dietitians of Canada, and the American College of Sports Medicine that the performance of, and recovery from, sporting activities are enhanced by well-chosen nutrition strategies. Contact: This essay brings out the pros and cons about the issue and also some people's views on the issue.  When a student misses three or more classes at Penn State Brandywine their grade in that class will drop one letter. Fenno, Nathan. A coach gets paid every time they sign a new athlete to their team. Parker Smith Comm 325 Ethics Position Paper September 27, 2012 Appreciation or the Cry for Compensation? This leads to other problems because if an athlete cannot work then he or she will have no spare money. This logic is extremely flawed for many of the reasons discussed earlier. All contents © 2021 American Physical Therapy Association. All in all, athlete not others should be rewarded for there hard work. Undergraduate and graduate students and/or student-athletes in the program were asked about their experiences as recipients of sport psychological services. 9. Derek Sheely, a college football player for Frostburg State University, sustained a bad concussion during preseason. Employees”.” University Wire. McDevitt, Jane K., et al. High-Risk Drinking in College Athletes and Nonathletes . The Drake Group Position Paper: Academic Metrics Reform October, 2015 (Revised November, 2017) Page 3 of 23 Throughout the history of collegiate athletics, the NCAA has used flawed metrics to measure the academic success of college athletes. It describes the benefits of a properly designed and supervised resistance training program for youth. Gale. makes a profit, the coaches are paid for their position.  In 1993 a coach tired to sue the N.C.A.A. These organizations provide guidelines for the appropriate … Running out of energy as a young adult can lead to many problems both physically and mentally. When their grades drop low enough they will fail the class. A Medicare Cut Could Shut It Down. They use the athletes face in the game but the athlete still makes no money. Purpose: To serve as the College’s most authoritative and influential, evidence-based statement on topics of relevance to those in the fields of exercise science and sports medicine. College athletes train for 30-45 hours a week; they attend classes and do a school work for about 45 hours a week; a full time job is 40 hours, both are more then a full time job. This is unfair it taking away from their college experience. [15]. the college athlete from normal student experiences and in many cases bestow superior treatment and facilities on college athletes, a double standard that should not be supported by higher education. Web. As a college athlete, you still have to write a position topic paper. If athletes were paid football player could not be paid more then baseball or it would lead to other issues. Introduction paragraph with a thesis statement that establishes an arguable claim . He began to recover then was put back on the field where he was pushed very hard; he hit his head again and ended up dying (Fenno). Not only do injuries affect an athlete, but also trying to focus on school and maintain a high grade point average is a very tough thing to do.  Trying to focus on a sport while having to make sure your grades are good so the athlete does not lose the scholarship is very nerve-wracking.  Sometimes you need a little break from that long day but it’s hard when that athlete has no money. It is hard for athletes to keep their grades up when they’re always on the road and have so much work responsibilities on their backs.  This unneeded responsibility can affect them in many ways. a profit of over millions of dollars off athletes in different ways (Blum). If that athlete does not feel like doing his or her work then most of the time they will not do it. An athlete trains for what seems like endless hours, it’s their job, and they receive no benefits for putting in the hard work.  In society, we are taught to reward each other for their hard work with good pay. However the best approach would be to pay athletes for their contributions to the N.C.A.A. The New York Times says, “That the N.C.A.A. Even if you are not a college athlete, but would like to talk about sports, it is essential to choose a topic where your skills and knowledge can shine! When that athlete falls to behind they will fail out of the class. Why College Athletes Should Be Paid – Essay Example College athletes are often considered to be some of the luckiest young students in the world. College athletes should otherwise have the right to use their names, images, and likenesses for private gain conditioned on the athlete independently obtaining such employment (i.e., such activities are not arranged by employees or others engaged by the athlete’s institution for that purpose). Submitting electronic or paper resumes. get paid for someone else hard work.