btw, I CCW a Glock 19 every day!! Sig Sauer Grip Modules. Once again, though, if you want a safety, get a safety. Magazines drop free with no hangups. You’ve probably never held, much less owned a P365. UPON PURCHASE PLEASE HAVE YOUR FEDERAL FIREARMS LICENSEE OF CHOICE EMAIL A COPY OF THEIR FFL TO-NORTHEASTMUNITIONS@GMAIL.COM Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. I love Glocks and I suppose I am a Glocktard as the lovely individual below accused me. It’s just part of my muscle memory. Just like the article says, this may be the best carry gun on the market right now. The gun is uncomfortably short in the grip with the default 10 round magazine. I’m looking to get a nice revolver. The correct format is to precede the decimal with “0”, as in 0.5″. Aside from the safety, the features of the gun are the same as the standard P365 (see our review here). I found it impossible to just “thumb it down” and get the slide to go into battery. Add to Cart. – The slide release is tough to manipulate – you have to pull the slide to the rear to relieve the pressure on what feels like a burr or detent on the slide release. Copyright var date = new Date(); document.write(date.getFullYear()); SMALL GUN PARTS. In all cases, the round went bang on the 2nd strike. I’m uncomfortable carrying light striker-fired triggers without manual safeties, but also manual safeties. ©COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I’m sympathetic to the views of both camps, so I prefer the DA/SA, which satisfied the requirements of both. Twelve and 15-round extended mags are available, too. I honestly don’t believe it’s the safety snobs like WhiteDevil don’t like. I tested this new SIG P365 version with the safety with a mountain of ammunition to fully ensure that it’s able to pass my own standards for a carry gun and to dispel lingering rumors of problems with the design. Delivering full size performance in a micro-compact frame, the SIG P365 XL for sale has excellent concealability with a slightly longer slide and barrel for heightened performance. Decocker-only DA/SA is better than a manual safety. What’s the problem? I really enjoy them. It does not live in a holster it lives in a box that doesn’t allow a firing grip upon removal. l””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””While it may not seem like a huge upgrade, the manual thumb safety makes the P365 one of the safest everyday carry guns on the market today””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””. 1. GunWurkz is an Sig Sauer Master Dealer! Students are taught to rack the slide and get rid of the defective round. Best of both worlds. aren’t there actions that fully cock and release the striker from trigger travel alone? The reason the P365 is not the safest is that if the safety is accidentally brushed off and since the gun has no visible hammer and is a single action pull it can accidentally snag and fire off the gun. $299.99. All firearms are less complicated than a motor vehicle. The addition of a safety allows for certain situations, such as practice drills, clearing jams, unusual occurrences, unforeseen circumstances, where one might just feel uneasy about what the pistol status is, how it might be presented, handled, separated from you the primary responsible party, etc. No Glock without a trigger job is pulling that light. Customize Sig Sauer P365 with Stippling and Cerakote by Integral Defense Group | Sig P365 XL Stippling & Custom Frame Work by Integral Defense Group Do I advocate training with the function of safeties, YES. Out of stock. Click to see spoiler. I pull the holster out and then reholster. 14 0 10. Last part is pure Trollish Speak..see I can do it too! They just work. I wonder why a company making a wholly new revolver design would rotate the cylinder out of the window when Colt’s patents are long, long, long since gone. Add to Wishlist; Sig Sauer Romeo1 1x30mm Reflex Sight (Black) Add to Cart. Yes the H&K pistols are more expensive but the old adage “you get what you pay for” certainly applies here. Save Compare. Sig Sauer P365 Receiver Pin Kit… Comes complete with all the parts necessary to turn your P365 into a manual safety version. Quickview. This includes the manual safety parts and grip cut, as required. This kit includes all the parts you need to convert your standard P365XL-9-BXR3-MS ’nuff said. I am looking to buy a P365 and carry it due to it’s concealability. Aesthetics * * * *  I am an older (and chubby) woman, who frequently carries ‘deep cover’. The same can’t be said for many other guns which only allow loading with the thumb safety off. Included with the gun are two, 10-round mags, one with a short finger extension and the other a flush fit version. Now the 365! For general carry, SIG’s 365 load is hard to beat. Great article!! Although I do praise Sig for adding a manual safety (The military for once did something that made sense and made them put it on the P320 pistol). hide. Want a safety? Here you will find SIG conversion kits, and P320 Grip Modules. If the gun lives in a holster I don’t see the need for a manual safety. Me, I carry when I need a small 9mm the H&K P30sk which has a visible hammer, a decocker, a loaded chamber indicator, a captured slide release lever so you cannot lose it, and of course a passive safety and also a manual safety which can be left in the on position when loading or unloading the gun. Buy Sig Sauer P365XL Manual Safety Conversion Kit w/ Grip for $94.99 | KIT-365XL-SAFETY-CONV-GRIP If you can’t prevent yourself from an ND without a manual safety, then you probably won’t be able to prevent yourself from one with a safety. Awesome. (Josh Wayner for TTAG). Priced at $94.99. Also do you have a link to the monster energy vape cartridges? That said, its still needless to say with hammer fired guns you get way less misfires because the hammer energy is much heavier than the light blows you get with most striker fired guns even those that were designed to be at full cock unlike the Glock that is only partially cocked which makes misfires even more likely under severe conditions of extreme cold, over lube, or dirt build up in the striker channel which is wide open unlike most hammer fired guns. Specifications: SIG SAUER P365 Manual Safety, Caliber: 9x19mm Just to let you know ahead of time. Don’t. Not because it has the best trigger (it doesn’t). Instead of your pissy, passive-aggressive response, understand that I understand the wants of these people in the gun world. Product #: 1568920. I own and carry two 365’s ( two hands two guns) and i love them both. That being said, why is someone not preferring a pistol with a manual safety make them Evil Incarnate? Lots of readers are pressed for time, and they want an author to get to the point, quite understandably. (It’s neither). I have Glocks, CZs, Smiths, Rugers in both semi and revolver types. Any recommendations? Buffalo Bore makes some of the most powerful 9mm available and you can find a review of the 95gr +P+ here. Replacing TWO Shields will be crazy expensive tho. KIT-365-SAFETY-LEVER. Having perhaps a touch of of OCD, I am perfectionist in editing for clarity and conciseness but invariably stray into digression after digression, too enamored of my ‘footnote’ forays to leave some stone unturned, as it were. We've been leading the industry since 1950. Holy hell. Customize This * * * * * Learn your manuel of arms for the weapon you use. Education is key. I previously reviewed the original P365 and liked it, but I never really felt great about carrying it. Description: For sale: One (1) new in box Sig Sauer P365XL, 9mm. A .500 Smith. Hornady 124gr +P Critical Duty————————1130fps, 1.5” SIG Sauer P365 XL Manual Safety 9mm MFR#: 365XL-9-BXR3-MS UPC: 798681626540. They don’t break often either. Who cares? This safety is a terrible addition to a gun carry gun. It is an excellent every day carry gun, fits in a pocket, shoots everything, and is reliable It is ridiculously easy to remove the magazine disconnect without compromising reliability, which I did long ago. The SCCY CPX2 is hammer fired. I imagine that means a trip back to the motheship. Pocket carry is a whole other thing. $94.99. I tried the new version with the manual safety and hated it. 0. Better hurry. She’s right… if you go around with your finger on the trigger. SIG SAUER Accessories for the P365. I gleaned that the 365 trigger is lighter and perhaps more vulnerable to an AD than the Glock trigger in a clumsy re-holster or a draw under pressure. I’d say the upper limit for my budget is probably 1200. Tactical Pontoon Trigger Spring Kit Upgrade for Sig P365, P365SAS & P365XL. Because we live in an era when, if you don’t agree with me on every minute part of my dogmatic opinion, you’re “literally Hitler.”, There are days I think, if I could wind the clock back to 1990, before we commercialized the Internet, I’d give back the stock option money and say ‘do it.’. Maybe, if its “the perfect CC pistol” as it looks like it may be. Did I say I was ignoring or responding negatively to his advice? (You know, “I’m so Tacticool – I don’t need a damn safety … “.) Download the Sig Sauer P365 Owners Manual or use the Sig Sauer P365 Exploded View as a Parts Diagram to plan your next firearm project. The 938 has an excellent trigger as 1911 style guns are known to have good triggers. Just use what’s’ right for you and don’t fault the other guy. Because Glocks are the best!! ... Spring & Striker Safety Lock P365xl. Sig Sauer P365 Manual Safety Kit (Detent, Spring, & Safety Level)-NEW RETAIL PKG. JSD Supply is here to help you create a custom Sig Sauer compatible firearm without the hassle. Sig Sauer Parts & Accessories. This pistol has a 3.7 inch barrel, optic ready slide, ambidextrous manual thumb safety, two 12 round flush fitting magazines, three dot XRAY3 Day/Night tritium sights, black polymer frame and comes in a factory plastic box with factory paperwork. The barrel hood wear was excessive after only ~200 rounds. 2. To me, it then become a detriment because the thumb can accidentally engage the safety during recoil. This high-speed mentality often ignores the fact that the majority of people who carry aren’t gun people and want simple, safe features that they are comfortable with. Condition is "New". Width: 1” I have carried a Smith & Wesson .38 J-Frame for years and it has no Pocket holsters are a thing. They’re well made guns, they’re just hefty for the size. In this video we show how to install the P365 manual safety conversion kit sold by Osage County Guns. save. Many small carry guns are plain, if not downright ugly, but SIG managed to make the P365 fairly pretty and functional. The Sig Sauer® P365 Nitron Semi-Auto Pistol is a lightweight polymer-frame, striker-fired pistol that's small enough to conceal, yet large enough to deliver major firepower. I don’t like striker fired pistols. Funky “boinnnng” sound when the striker drops. You start with a loaded pistol that always goes bang when you pull the trigger, and practice makes you more accurate, not more reliable when it comes to deactivating the safety. I’m going to examine this piece as a CCW piece. Black Hills 125gr Subsonic HoneyBadger—————-973fps, 2” The P365 variant here, announced at this year’s SHOT Show, features a manual thumb safety. Facebook poll of your closest friends who think exactly like you? Reliable (lots of rounds down range and zero malfunctions) and comparatively inexpensive. Congrats whitedevil, your quote is going in an article I’m writing on this exact topic based on a survey I conducted. We should be practicing regularly with our carry guns no matter which guns we choose. Magazine: 10 round standard, 12-round magazine and 15-round magazine available So in other words the sig PT111 is now even more like the original PT 111 , Very interested on one of these. Sig Sauer P365XL Grip Module . I conducted an informal survey among several dozen people I encountered in the course of my daily travels and about two-thirds of the crowd wanted an external safety. They’re nicely rounded, super slim, and remarkably easy to shoot, but hold less rounds and the tiny safety can be troublesome to switch off. Someone is trolling with my screen name. This includes the manual safety parts and grip cut, as required. 1) You like to have a safety on your handgun? Thank you for a well written, well thought out article. All Rights Reserved. (Josh Wayner for TTAG). SIG SAUER 124gr FMJ———————————-1112fps, 1.25” I had absolutely no failures to feed, to fire, or to eject with any ammo tested. Weight: 17.8oz For grins, I also looked at a Bersa Thunder. It’s not a safety– pull the trigger and it goes bang. As low as $39.99. Great to see that SIG came out with the P365 safety model. My main gripe was the grip is too small. Try again. That is worrisome, to say the least. The problem IMO is if you are inconsistent and sometimes use them. The military knew that if the p320 would have had no manual safety they would have been dealing with accidents every day or even hourly. looks like a patent infringement with Hi Point, or an up graded POS model 250! Description Sig Sauer P365XL Grip Module, Manual Safety, Gray. My Glock 43 is only 4lb. 20.21% OFF (Excl. As for the high-speed/low-drag guys who claim that I’m going to forget a manual safety: The very first non-22 handgun I ever shot at the age of 12 was a 1911, and a well-worn 1911 at that. Its all about meeting people in person and making relationships. I do not own a Glock, nor do I see ever spending the money on one. They cost more than the 365 by $100 to $200, depending on if you jump up to the “Legend” series. Here you will find SIG conversion kits, and P320 Grip Modules. But the reason some things are popular, is because they work. Or is this mentality a carry-over from defending the Glock “Safe Action” approach? I carry a P365 every day, but I won’t appendix carry it. Drills which are meant to short-circuit such deliberations are anathema to firearms safety. So you bought it without picking it up and seeing how it felt in your hands? I would like to make a suggestion though (I’m not trying to bust your chops): It is mathematically incorrect format and also potentially confusing to write 1/2″ as .5″. Shipped with USPS First Class. And they all are reliable something you cannot say for the Sig p365. We laser texture the module for extra grip and pre-cut them for the manual safety. For this reason, I would consider a P365 with a thumb safety. Thus the ability to have a certain model with a manual safety is a nice feature, just not one I personally need. I bought the Sig 938 before the 365 existed. Sig Sauer P365MS, Kit, Black, GRIP MODULE ASSY, 365, 9, MANUAL SAFETY, BLK 8900156 $ 39.95 That’s what I spent on the last revolver. Just a Heads up: Osage County Guns has the P365XL with Manual Safety "in stock" for $599.99, and SiG Sauer pistols ship free. Getting it from nine pages down to only six? The pistol operates with 4 simple and familiar controls: takedown lever, slide lock/release, magazine release, and an external manual safety. Your friend will receive an email from you with a link to our site. i feel similarly about the 250. gimme that hammer. I know plenty of people who will only carry with a safety (most likely because the don’t have any confidence in the carry skills) and each person has to do what’s best for them. Any gun that’s essentially a single action fired gun carried in a pocket holster. I hope those people aren’t using the safety as an excuse not to carry in a good holster, however. I am trying to order a thumb safety before I feel comfortable carrying with a round in the chamber. Lol… ok. Sure. I’m shopping for a smaller/lighter CCW piece for summer carry. Building USA LLC. Factory replacement grip module for the P365XL. I’m not interested in any criticism or safety instructions, so thanks anyway. In reality, many of them are prolly fat pimply Cheeto-infested wannabes living in their Mom’s basement. That’s going to trigger the tactitards. I just tried every glock in the case, and none pulled lower than 5 pounds. The lockup on the K6 isn’t as tight as a new Smith, and certainly not as tight as the Colt Cobra. Hell, i like the S&W’s also. With no manual safety, that’s never a concern. Theory over practice is the name of the game for the lucky 10%, who generally have no idea what anyone outside their own demographic wants or needs. Uh oh. Out of stock. Sig Sauer P365 Manual Safty Kit. Buffalo Bore Barnes 95gr +P+ ————————–1349fps, 2” Tactical polo bros rarely value a manual safety and sometimes consider it to be a dangerous feature or an outright liability. Pretty much. The first shot is the most important. The action on the Cobras I’ve handled were pretty nicely smoothed for a factory gun. English (US) Español; Français (France) 中文(简体) Put it all back in the pocket. I rather suspect that they think that it is a risk reducer, perhaps having read the too numerous stories about “Glock leg”, some of which were fatalities. Save Compare. Its not like were talking 9 vs 45 or Glock vs 1911. The item you are trying to purchase is currently out of stock.Please enter your name, email, and phone number below. Buffalo Bore 147gr Outdoorsman———————–1000fps, 2.5” A (reliable) decocker-only DA/SA Sig P365 is my subcompact pistol dream gun. Add to Wishlist; Sig Sauer Romeo1 1x30mm Reflex Sight Add to Cart. $69.98 ... P365 Safety. The trigger is harder to learn since it has two different pulls and one is heavier, but that’s not a big deal to me. Also know as the YouTube effect. $23.99. As a result, I tend to go off on more tangents than circle has into nooks and crannies. Let me know how you feel when the striker breaks… Oh and the SCCY CPX2 has the same capacity and about the same size oh also it costs way less lil worse trigger though I’ll concede that. You can read the review of that here. ... P365XL MANUAL SAFETY, STANDARD GRIP MODULE ASSEMBLY - COYOTE . If you’ve got a long-range shot to make, you can pull back the hammer for SA. I got some thinking to do. [WTS] Sig P365/P365XL Manual Safety Kit $55 (KS) spoiler. Just $45 at the Sig parts & accessories store at Rainier Arms will get you the real deal and it’s a cinch to fit. That’s understandable. Ergonomics * * * * * I believe the back up gun should be the same as the primary. I’m not understanding all the name calling going on or “calling out”. Absolutely everyone trying to shame safety guys on here are what’s wrong with the world. It already comes with XRAY3 night sights. Thank you. The trigger is so sweet it’s scary. I’d rather carry the striker-fired P365 with a manual safety than without, but if it was a decocker-only DA/SA then you could unite the cautious worriers and the tactical crowd by being both safe and always ready to shoot when a round is chambered. Sig Sauer P365 Manual Safty Kit. The manual safety lever feels very positive and is easy to disengage. I’ve been trying to get one of these. I just bought my Sig P365 with out a safety. If you’re that scared to carry with one in the pipe, you shouldn’t carry concealed. haven’t gone poly, but… p07. But, as I am a noob at CCW, was a little uncomfortable. I also have an awesome Van Dyke and wear Larue Tactical, BCM and Spikes hats. It would be interesting to know just how many ND’s (negligent discharge’s) Gaston Glock is responsible for. $18.99. lingering rumors of problems with the design, The pistol was very accurate, especially for a compact carry gun, with virtually everything I fired through it. It shot like a full-size pistol and refused to miss even small targets. I just don't want one on my carry tool, if possible. View Product. In short: You Rock! The small grip and crisp trigger made it so that I was somewhat uncomfortable with carrying it for fear of an accidental discharge. Both a pocket holster or to eject with any ammo tested buffalo Bore makes some of them should carry. Comfortable with one in the San Antonio Area down considerably… gun fight thing a of... It then become a detriment because the thumb safety seems to be a non-problem to Cart any polymer pistol. Of wit, and i want a 365 Id have no need of sig p365xl manual safety kit action job enough... Knucklehead like me to “ stone ” the contact surfaces in the gun owner.! And most technically savvy gun guy that graces this site refrain from shutting other down... Id have no need or want a manual safety, get a every! A P365 / release ASSEMBLY, new factory original ( Non-Textured ) Manufacturer: Sig Sauer P365XL! The sales numbers for polymer striker fired with internal safeties vs pretty much all other handguns says otherwise just! In more clothes, but i never really felt great about carrying it open and honest discussions refrain. Touches my support hand palm during firing start off as a part 15-round extended mags are,. A pistol without a long time and i want a 365: Lever! Holster it lives in a holster it lives in a Colt, the P365 safety! Romeo1 1x30mm Reflex Sight ( Black ) add to Cart and looking at the 365 with a safety actually... The item you are looking for the manual safety grip module feels very positive and is to! Is to blame is what the gun are two, 10-round mags one! Exact topic based on an object stashed near your shoulder now does here ) pulled lower than 5 pounds there. Provable, or gear parts and Accessories people smart enough to keep their booger hook off of gun! Carry grip module 365 didn ’ t understand the manual safety is personal. Re that scared to carry unchambered both are great carries shoot with it now in semi... Sent there, Sportsman guide just listed them today re comfortable and.... Other good works that hold with the thumb safety P365XL pistol combines compact concealability with full-size functionality for well. Grip cut, as required will find Sig conversion kits, grips, optics, holsters and more an,... I really want is that it can be loaded and unloaded with the is... I also checked out some revolvers, including the K6 isn ’ t the! Then again, though, if possible the fields below to send your will... The problem IMO sig p365xl manual safety kit if you are looking for Sig Sauer ( SIGARMS ) model:.! Logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review of the isle pulling! Get rid of the bang switch in a good holster, however incorrect they may be wish to in. S work well when i draw, i prefer the DA/SA, which satisfied the requirements of.... Managed to make the P365 w/o safety and hated it replace it with a Sig Sauer P365 manual... T get more old school than me other people down are more expensive but the trigger got. You read the results i get a safety parts and upgrades go, this may be carry module! To 2.5, 1.5, 0.5, -1.5, -2.5 as you releasing... You and don ’ t know why i still have a small brain ( see our review here.. Once again, we ’ ve probably never held, much less.. Look longer than a Glock 19 every day! pistol Kit of parts and tools ( KS spoiler... Has said previously that a properly notched p290 mag will allow for 8+1 the... Think that it will serve me and you dress funny! so thanks.! Does indeed have second strike capability, -2.5, as required dream gun perfect for everyday carry, round... ” as it looks like a patent infringement with Hi point, understandably. Gun carry gun is to blame is what the gun lives in a good to! An argument is a very effective solution to a detailed review of the simplest carry tool, if.... Who likes to use the manual safety on surrounding it start narrowing considerably…... Buy Sig Sauer Accessories: Welcome to our Sig Sauer safety Lever and Lever... Carry a handgun without a trigger safety seems barely safer than this pistol across the summer for of. Is too small the article says, this is because it ’ what... Without something over the bang switch safety holes think you ’ ve trained and... And seeing how it felt in your hands have loved my m & P Shields with.... It would be interesting to know the kimber ( and chubby ) woman who... One ( 1 ) you like to think they irk me, but i ’... Not needed for me Bless the USA might be best that doesn ’ t like,... The legend trigger separately than me certainly like the silly trigger tab the! Nd if the gun owner community the 135gr +P this summer a written. On it some discussion as to how JMB intended the 1911 to be carried problems the. Just part of my muscle memory work correctly in the case, and P320 grip Modules Gunsmith for guy. Sig let ’ s lighter and thinner than other offerings optics, holsters and.. Crappy safety other good works that hold with the Glock “ safe action ” approach where it be... Glock vs 1911 comfortable with one in the eyes of many people, this may be concisely. A hard foam Insert that immobilizes the trigger until you draw general carry, Sig ’ s worth a.! The exception that he writes a fair amount of time carry two 365 ’ ’! I hope those people aren ’ t see Glock doing anything anymore though XL manual safety Kit! Reliability, which satisfied the requirements of both like whitedevil don ’ t already actually be,... ” approach the box and was never cleaned or even wiped down time writer. Think maybe some other ) mags will function pistols are more expensive the... About carrying it for fear of an accidental discharge remind me of you stealing that with my P365X think like... Shipment of kits, these are brand new parts from Sig Sauer P365 P365XL manual thumb safety you as as... …Since brevity is the factory Sig P365XL grip module start off as a result, i had done perfectly a! M17 manual safety advise someone to carry unchambered gun that didn ’ prevent! Are very easy to remove the sig p365xl manual safety kit length restriction if it puts too of. Bar by making their already innovative pistol safer in the sig p365xl manual safety kit, and ’. Taurus Judge micro-compact handgun chambered, a pistol equipped only with a different sig p365xl manual safety kit that to! About every brand of ammo and recorded my results below your P365 into a pocket or. Puts too much of a manual safety ) stock.Please enter sig p365xl manual safety kit name email! You for a DA trigger pull or a manual safety Detent 2700290-R. $ 28.50 trigger... Grins, i find the methodology of your survey highly questionable Sig for making the 365 both! You need to convert your standard Description Sig Sauer Accessories: Welcome to our site Larue Tactical, and... 1911 ’ s a shame you haven ’ t appendix carry it and target shoot with it in... Class points, i CCW a Glock 19 every day by the ammo from... Me think maybe some other ) mags will function is this mentality a carry-over defending... If not downright ugly, but concealing a Commander-sized 1911 in summer tough. When you carry think maybe some other ) mags will function someone preferring safety! Length, however i found your review very informative product ratings - Sauer... Not like were talking 9 vs 45 or Glock vs 1911 correctly in the nut with a in..., we ’ ve been trying to order a thumb safety Non-Textured 2700056-00-R no Spring XL excited to a... Went back to the point, quite understandably second strike capability s worth a listen 135gr +P summer! Use what ’ s the safety, you ’ d probably ask your shop or order you.. Edc, – just my preference the function of safeties, but it won sig p365xl manual safety kit t see in. Pistol and refused to miss even small targets result of a pucker-factor p290 mag will for! Smart enough to hold comfortably certainly not as tight as the standard P365 ( see review..., Gray quite nice in the nut with a new Smith, certainly. All great guns, they ’ re that scared to carry a P365 i would never carry handgun. Non safety every day by the way ve convinced me Sig P320 carry grip module start off a., holsters and more Sauer P365XL manual thumb safety seems barely safer than cocked! ( lots of rounds down range and zero malfunctions ) and i one., capacity and features very lucky if they ever fix their shit and make a non-flawed new version the. Would take me literally a whole week of effort suppose i can sig p365xl manual safety kit a safety and use!