On August 14th, you will be meeting with your RCs to go over logistics for the day and receive your individualized schedule. If you are having issues accessing a computer or wifi off campus, contact us and we can help! There’s also the Multicultural Greek Council, where there are three sororities - one Asian interest, one South Asian interest, and one Latina interest - with members of all races and backgrounds. If you think yellow or gold make you look shorter or bigger or washed out or less likely to get lots of likes on Instagram, don’t apply to Georgia Tech. PNMs will attend a maximum of 2 Zoom calls to have conversations with chapter members. NPC: National Panhellenic Conference: the umbrella group for all 26 sororities. Please save a copy of this email. This is based on the school's average score. Requirements to Join Only currently enrolled students on the Atlanta campus of Georgia State University are eligible to join any Greek organization. This means that the women in our chapters are looking for women that have similar values to join their chapter. We are keeping the same structure of PNM orientation plus 4 rounds happening in 4 days. By: gt May 2, 2020 1:05:43 PM Higher GPA’s, less cost, and happier lives are all a part of Georgia Tech Greek Life. At the national Phi Mu convention held in Las Vegas, Nevada, Georgia Tech’s chapter (Theta Zeta) won the Carnation Cup. The school has a 21% acceptance rate ranking it #2 in Georgia for lowest rate of acceptance.Last year, 7,584 out of 36,856 applicants were admitted making Georgia Tech a very highly competitive school to get into with a low chance of acceptance for typical applicants. Average SAT: 1465. There’s the Collegiate Panhellenic Council, with 8 chapters that are National Panhellenic Council (NPC) sororities and 2 associate chapters - one of which is a smaller national Christian sorority and the other which is a social/professional sorority for women in technical and engineering fields. If you have any interest at all, why not just go through rush, learn more about it and see if you click with any of the chapters? Organizations can recruit members each semester, skip semesters, or participate once every other year. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, feel free to contact Katrina Balga, our VP of Recruitment, at rvp.gtcpc@gmail.com or fill out the form on our website: gatechcpc.com. If events or meetings must happen in person, student orgs should follow physical-distancing guidelines. You do need to decide ahead of time which one you’d like to join, so do some research - read the websites, talk to some members. Greek life at Georgia Tech includes over 50 active chapters of social fraternities and sororities. Our two Associate chapters, Alpha Delta Chi and Alpha Omega Epsilon, recruit separate from our primary recruitment process because of their specific membership requirements. My sorority just highlighted 30 women under 30, and they are very impressive. I have also elected to live in the EXPLORE LLC my first year. Approximately 25 percent of Tech students participate in a fraternity or sorority (compared to 9 percent nationwide). In a lot of other ways, it’s different - sororities are a sisterhood of people bonded by the same rituals and rites and secrets. Rush at Georgia Tech Recruitment. They do not include individual Greek houses on the Georgia Tech campus utilized by fraternities and sororities. East Georgia students are not eligible to join sororities. On August 15th, you will be meeting with your RCs to go over logistics for the day and receive your individualized schedule. At Georgia Tech we have a values-based Recruitment process. At the very least you’ll meet a bunch of girls outside of your LLC and widen your social circle just from being in a rush group with them and sharing that experience. Below is a breakdown of the days of recruitment. Many schools say they have no SAT score cutoff, but the truth is that there is a hidden SAT requirement. Chapter members will understand that there may be background noise, and that’s completely fine! There’s no obligation to join, and the point of Rush/Recruitment is for you to find out what the life is about and evaluate if it’s for you. https://www.gatechcpc.com/. So let's find out: which sorority is right for you. Make sure you feel your best, whatever that means for you. Sure! Grade requirements and hours are verified through the University. IMO some of the “top” sororities have the worst personalities. With all the volunteer work, meetings, parties and other shenanigans sororities are involved with, there really isn’t any time to expose yourself to things outside of Greek life. If you have already signed up for recruitment, we will reimburse you. Which Sorority Should You Join? They also don’t have the traditional NPC RUSH where you meet all of the chapters in your first couple weeks and then choose; NPHC sororities ask that you do research first to decide what sorority you want to join, then pursue membership with only that chapter. CPC will maintain ownership of them and delete them after the first round. There is wireless internet available across the entire campus. We are hoping to make this experience as authentic as possible, come as you are! Our staff are a part of the Center for Student Engagement at Georgia Tech. That said, your chapters are going to do their best to keep the integrity of sorority life intact. The Institute discourages students from joining a fraternity or sorority that the institute does not recognize. Students enrolled in the Georgia Tech program at Georgia Southern are eligible to join sororities. Your RC will reach out to you sometime during the week of July 13th if you have already registered, so keep an eye out for a phone call or email. This depends on how each chapter plans to adapt, but Georgia Tech has advised student organizations to move what they can to a virtual format. If you join a national sorority, any time you meet a member of that sorority - at work, on travel, etc. This will take place in the morning before freshman convocation, and your specific call times will be communicated to you in the morning. Your specific call times will be communicated to you in the morning. Only about 1/4 of students at GaTech are in Greek life, so it’s a real choice, that will come down to you. For some people Greek life shapes their whole college experience, while for others it is a big element for their 1st/2nd years, and then they move away from it, and for still others Greek never touches their experience. When they reach out to you, they'll also ask about your availability to have a meeting with them and the other PNMs in your group to start to get to know one another and answer any additional questions you may have. Make sure you understand how much time it requires…you have to do well in school but still attend sorority activities. CPC: Collegiate Panhellenic Council: the unifying body for our chapters here on campus. That being said, we looked into many different options, virtual and in-person alike, and virtual was the only way we felt we guarantee the health and safety of everyone involved in this recruitment process. These same connections and friendships will exist whether we are meeting on Zoom or in person. She liked that she had a couple of social bubbles (also her club sports team) so she could move between groups when one got too much. And it’s difficult to get yourself out of these requirements and expectations once you are in. All fraternities and sororities have alumni who serve as advisors to the student leaders and members. In many ways, joining a sorority is pretty similar to joining any other social club based on interest - you get to meet a lot of other people, some of whom you may not have otherwise met; you get to do lots of fun activities, including community service or philanthropy for a cause you care about. The formals If you missed your high school prom or felt like the night ended too soon, then here’s your chance to do it again! Good Luck. On the morning of August 13th, you will be meeting with your RCs and other group members in a Zoom meeting to view videos of each chapter and make your preferences for which chapters you would like to meet the next day in Zoom meetings, knowing that you can be invited to a maximum of 6 parties for round 2. - Emergency Contact Information. - you can form an instant bond. Please keep in mind that you and your roommate will likely have different schedules, so it’s possible you won’t be in Zoom calls at the same time. 10 Things You Should Definitely Think About Before Joining a Sorority. In my three years here at Georgia Tech, I've learned so much from the women around me. The woman who was president was also president of the mechanical engineering society, was in the jet car racing group, and had all A’s. They value women of all ages since alumni chapters are a huge part of each organization. Please plan to reserve your days for recruitment even though you will not be online for the full day. Make sure you understand the amount of time and money required for your sorority. I recommend sororities for the support they can give to women who are in fields usually dominated by men. Your RCs will provide plenty of guidance on how to use this platform, so don’t worry if you haven’t used it yet! They are not a requirement for entry for any of our chapters. Alpha Delta Chi is a Christian sisterhood and Alpha Omega Epsilon is STEM-based. Recruitment or… more » If I am doing an LLC now, should I wait until next year to rush? A person may only hold membership in one fraternity/sorority during their lifetime. How hard is it to get into Georgia Tech and can I get accepted? We definitely aren’t assuming anyone is a professional videographer. All applicants must have been accepted to Georgia Tech and accepted their offer of admission before they can apply for Georgia Tech Housing. If you’re thinking about joining an nphc sorority, then no. MGC sororities are all over map and it kind of depends - it looks like Delta Phi Lambda has a process that’s more aligned with the NPC’s, in that they have a variety of free events during Rush, but they also ask you to fill out an interest form (which is available on their chapter’s website). This decision was made collectively with our community in early June, and our chapters have been working hard ever since to modify our process to make it the best we can for you! This award is Phi Mu’s highest honor for maintaining high standards in chapter operations, programming, and public relations. This depends on how each chapter plans to adapt, but Georgia Tech has advised student organizations to move what they can to a virtual format. RRG: Ramblin’ Recruitment Guide https://www.gatechcpc.com/guides. At their core, our organizations are rooted in sisterhood. I have never considered joining a sorority before, but recently I have been thinking more and more about it. Participation in the traditions, collaborative activities, and organizational structure of your Greek organization can create valuable opportunities to contribute, coordinate and lead, which are all valuable skills for eventual participation in the workforce. The only downside to our COB process is that it starts after primary recruitment, so if chapters have already filled with new members, they won’t participate in COB, or chapters will only recruit a few members through this process. We will be using Zoom to facilitate conversations between PNMs and active chapter members. Registration for primary recruitment will close on August 10th at 2pm. In the video you will respond to a prompt provided by CPC. We can still have virtual sisterhood events :). You will be recording a short video of yourself (details above) when you have some free time between the end of PNM Orientation and August 11th at 5pm. We also recommend our Associate recruitment process! 1) Lock your dorm room when you leave. (There are also four fraternities in this council). Georgia Tech alumni are extremely proud of their experience at the Institute, and Georgia Tech Greek alumni are even more proud. Associate recruitment will occur after primary recruitment, and you can learn more about these 2 chapters on our website. Yes, that includes parties, but also other kinds of social events that are fun and can enrich your college life. Fraternity and Sorority members are responsible for dues to the chapter. This is important because each council - and each chapter - has a different way of bringing people in, and not all do that through the NPC-style Rush week or two in the beginning of the year. There’s a lot of social support that emanates from your chapter and your community, and that can include getting through tough patches (academically and personally). If it’s any other counsel (excluding multicultural) I would say yes. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. Your Recruitment Counselors will help you figure out how to ask meaningful questions that dig into your personal values and chapter values. If you join a national sorority, any time you meet a member of that sorority - at work, on travel, etc. No, absolutely not! This video is meant to be a quick and easy way to let chapters get to know you. You should go into rush wanting to join a sorority where you genuinely enjoyed the conversations you had and people you met. Before you decide to join a sorority, you should know what life in Greek housing is like. - you can form an instant bond. Joining a fraternity or sorority at the Georgia Tech can seem like an afterthought at first. Your RC will help you through this process in August, so there is no need to do this now! When I started at Georgia Tech, I knew I wanted to be in a sorority for a multitude of reasons, but I had no idea the life-changing impact Alpha Delta Pi would have on my time here. We expect this open house day to last around 4 hours. On August 16th, you will be meeting with your RCs to go over logistics for the day and receive your individualized schedule. Each sorority has a unique personality, and the sisterhood you pledge to can be reflective of your innermost character. ), sometimes requirements to live somewhere specific and perhaps expensive, etc. I can honestly say that joining a fraternity was the best thing that could have ever happened to me at Georgia Tech, and I know I am not the only one with that opinion. I remember @twoinanddone saying her daughter felt similar about her varsity team and her sorority. But students should still take precautions when it comes to their safety and be aware of all the different ways they can get where they need to go. I’m in a sorority, although I joined at the alumnae level and not the collegiate. (Our NPHC sororities have some arcane and, to be frank, sometimes silly unspoken “rules” about interest and how to show it, so it’s best to talk to a member to get some guidance. 4. Otherwise, if you're normal and not in Greek life, its because you're an athlete, in the band, or are an SPS (and most of those are still in Greek life). She is disaffiliated from her own chapter during recruitment to remain an unbiased, confidential resource for you during the entire process. The Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life is now located within the Pavilion, in the Center for Student Engagement. Your videos will be shared with each of our chapters, and their members will be able to view them. See below. Tips to Survive Georgia Tech Sorority Rush Week. We will provide a prompt question to answer and more details about these videos at PNM Orientation on August 10th. PNMs will attend a maximum of 4 Zoom calls to have conversations with chapter members. Students enrolled in the Georgia Tech program at Georgia Southern are eligible to join a fraternity or sorority Grade requirements and hours are verified through the University. Alpha Delta Pi: email rim@gtadpi.org or fill out the form on the chapter website, Alpha Gamma Delta: email membership.gtagd@gmail.com, Alpha Xi Delta: fill out the form on the national website, Kappa Alpha Theta: fill out the form on the national website, Phi Mu: fill out the national form and email it to gtphimu.recruitment@gmail.com. We are currently working with CampusDirector to figure out the best way to do this. Applicants must be at least 16 years of age on the date of application for Georgia Tech Housing. Sorry I can’t help you about Georgia Institute of Technology, but, just a little advice, check twice, in some colleges is prohibit greek life for first year students. Here is a look at the honors brought home by Georgia Tech sororities this summer. If you happen to talk to a current member and you feel uncomfortable for any reason, please do not hesitate to let us know at rvp.gtcpc@gmail.com. But don't worry if you register after this meeting happens! If you are interested in an NPHC sorority, you have more time - I think only the AKAs allow you to join as a second-semester freshman. You will hear more from them in late July, and will learn more about our values-based recruitment process at PNM Orientation. Upon completion of the online 2020 Panhellenic Formal Recruitment Registration Form, you will receive an email confirmation. Welcome to Fraternity & Sorority Life! By Maggie Parke r. March 4, 2015. Listen up, potential pledges. Sorority reviews, ratings, and rankings for Georgia Institute of Technology - GT greek life - Greekrank Continuous Open Recruitment (COB)/ Spring Recruitment: There’s something really beautiful and moving about the rituals - all wearing your special attire for special events, witnessing new sisters’ initiation and reflecting on your own, singing the same songs and knowing there are other sisters all over gathering and doing the same things. Backgrounds of videos should be neutral and should only include you. Georgia Tech has provided guidance to student organizations that if our meetings and recruitment processes can be put online, they should. During this total of 5 days, the first two will have the same time structure for everyone, and the last 3 will depend on each PNM’s individual invitations. Find all of the latest information on greek life news and students. Your specific call times will be communicated to you in the morning. As always, do what’s best for you, and you can also join through any one of these processes at any point in your time at Tech. Total is the allowable chapter size as determined by the Collegiate Panhellenic Council, and includes both new and initiated members. Why should I join a sorority this semester? For example, NPHC chapters do not admit first semester freshmen - the earliest you can join is in the second semester of your freshman year, and for most chapters you can’t join until your sophomore year. OneClass Blog Admin. You absolutely do not need letters of recommendation. The number of girls who live in a house vary, but some facilities are huge. And of course, there are other things it comes with - staggeringly expensive fees, a never-ending parade of events that need to be planned and managed and executed, lots of clothes that need to be purchased (apparel with letters, special colored attire for specific events, event t-shirts, etc. Be yourself, and it’ll be great! Most fraternities and sororities hold formals near the end of each semester. The opportunity to join 1 of our 8 NPC sororities in the Spring only takes place when an individual chapter falls below 'total' chapter size; which can happen for a variety of reasons. Should I join a sorority at Georgia Institute of Technology? She received full scholarships for an MA from GT, Columbia and two other schools. Interested students should contact the members of the fraternity or sorority they want to join for specific information. There are no rules against active members reaching out to you prior to recruitment, but please know that they will likely be talking in generalities about the sorority experience since you’ll still need to go through primary recruitment to join any of our NPC chapters. Created by Shira Ayelet On Oct 14, 2018 What do you seek in a friendship? If you're normal/not extremely weird, you join Greek life at Georgia Tech. I’ve met and hugged and happily chatted with sorority sisters I met at work conferences, in airports, in restaurants, in places all over the country and the world. Once you’ve decided, attend some events to see what they’re all about. First thing to note is that there are three councils with sororities in them at Georgia Tech. Atlanta heat in August is no joke, so if you choose to take these calls outside, find some shade and bring water! If you are interested in an NPHC sorority drop me a PM and I’m happy to chat with you more.). If you are, we suggest using headphones so you can have a more private conversation, physical distancing in a building on campus, or even taking the call in a dorm lounge or in one of our campuses' many greenspaces. You can record on your phone or laptop or similar device, and don’t worry about having professional video equipment or lighting. Should I be worried about anything before planning on rushing? Listed below are further details regarding the recruitment or membership intake process for each council. Some require many gifts for “big” or “little” sisters and outfits and dues etc. We are waiting on finalized times, but will update you as we get this information. CPC focuses on sorority life specific to Georgia Tech. Academics are always the first priority of almost any Tech student and there are a plethora of opportunities to join all types of organizations all throughout your time here at Tech, and we hope you will … Joining a fraternity or sorority can help. There will only be one mandatory PNM Orientation, and it will be held via Zoom on August 10th at 3pm. You should wait to film this video until then. She found a lot of support from her sorority sisters. If so, check out the recruitment process for each of them- that process will help you discern whether this is interesting to you- or not. 10 Jul 2017. This Conference has representatives from each organization, and they help unify all of our chapters on a national level. That's just how it goes. Here is a list of some of our most frequently asked questions! Do any of the sororities seem to fit you from their description? Congratulations for deciding to go out for Greek life! If you do not have access to your own computer, you will be able to borrow a laptop from the Georgia Tech library. We recommend our primary recruitment process to get the best chance at joining any of our NPC chapters, but we realize this isn’t for everyone! Student Engagement empowers and supports registered student organizations to increase the sense of belonging at Tech and create an engaging campus community. My daughter was at a school with ~70/30 men/women. You’ll also be filming a short video of yourself (2 minutes max) so the chapters can get to know you better. Georgia Tech SAT Requirements. I've met and hugged and happily chatted with sorority sisters I met at work conferences, in airports, in restaurants, in places all over the country and the world. I worked with a girl who was an Alpha Xi at Tech two summers ago (a great rep of her org) and she didn't know anything about rush (her parents actually made her) but she went through fell in llove and is totally happy. This is the very best kind of summer question, because you can get all kinds of opinions, and spend time reading up on and asking questions about the different councils-and not make any decisions until you actually get there in the autumn! When going through Recruitment, your daughter should ask questions to see if her values align with the women that she is conversing with at each chapter. What are the benefits and drawbacks of being in what, especially in such a rigorous environment as Tech? The main advantage of a sorority is that it can make a new, big, unfamiliar place feel smaller faster, with a group of people that share some values / characteristics with you. Even in smaller houses, though, you should expect a lively, bustling and relatively loud living community. If you cannot make it to this for whatever reason, please let your Recruitment Counselor know when she reaches out to you. Doing so may end up being one of the best choices you’ll make throughout your college career. You will need to create a free Zoom account and share your user email address with your RC. If the student is an active member of a fraternity/sorority that does NOT have a chapter at Georgia Tech, they are not allowed to join a different fraternity/sorority. Georgia Tech’s campus is a secure and protected area within Atlanta, patrolled by the Georgia Tech Police Department (GTPD) 24 hours a day. RC: Recruitment Counselor : a current CPC woman responsible for leading a group of PNMs through recruitment. If you join a sorority say goodbye to a social life, or at least any social life outside of the sorority. The standard of the role of staff advisers in Fraternity & Sorority Life at Georgia Tech is to actively support fraternity and sorority life through advising, advocacy and education efforts. It's very, very … - Sorority Legacy Information: A legacy is a woman who has a relative that was a member of a sorority either at Georgia Tech or on another college campus. THE TOP 25 REASONS NOT TO APPLY TO GEORGIA TECH. You will receive more information and coaching from your Recruitment Counselor after PNM Orientation. Read about the different options and think about who you are, how you like to socialize, etc. Each Greek letter organization has grade point average and credit hour requirements specific to their chapter. PNMs will attend a maximum of 6 Zoom calls to have conversations with chapter members. You can get started here: https://greek.gatech.edu/content/how-join. https://greek.gatech.edu/content/how-join. Georgia Tech is home to 32 IFC fraternities, 9 CPC sororities, 8 NPHC organizations, and 7 MGC organizations. Your RCs will be reaching out to you as soon as possible after you sign up and you can ask them any questions you may have then. What makes joining one worth it? I am an incoming freshman at Georgia Institute of Technology majoring in Biochemistry with a focus on research. Greek life can also often give you a community within a community - socializing with the other folks who are Greek. The latest discussion forum topics for Georgia Institute of Technology - GT. These alumni offer wisdom and advice on the organizational development and problem-solving. You can reach out to Katrina, our Recruitment Vice President at rvp.gtcpc@gmail.com or through the contact form on our website! If you join Greek life, though, you’ll get guaranteed access to mixers, theme nights, and some memorable chapter house parties. giphy.com. The Kappa Alpha Theta house at Oklahoma State Universityhas a capacity of 86 for example. If events or meetings must happen in person, student orgs should follow physical-distancing guidelines.