There is good reason to install the primer bulb close to the outboard. Then, stick your finger on the hose barb. The primer bulb on every hose i’ve had is located a foot or so from the tank. No rough idle, … FREE Shipping by Amazon. Signs of a Bad Outboard Starter & How to Start the Engine. Sierra 3/8″ Premium Primer Bulb $ 23.95 Sales Tax. NAVARME8mm 5/16 Black Bulb Type Rubber Fuel Transfer Vacuum Fuel Line Hand Primer Gasoline Petrol Diesel Pump For Marine Boat 9001080A. 6. Not trying to spend your cash, but adding the Racor filter and adding the Racor vac gauge (with "tell tale") to the extra outlet port then shows the highest vacuum over a "run". SKU: 321156585803 Categories: Fuel Filters, Fuel Pumps - Low Pressure Tags: 18-8005EP-1, 3/8, PRIMER BULB, SIERRA. A Merc 40 that we just did a service on is now bogging down and losing fuel pressure at idle and WOT. Outboard Fuel Lines & Fittings. Now that you have located the leak, fix it! I immediately checked the primer bulb and it was 30% to prime. $7.96. A blocked outboard fuel line prevents fuel from getting to the motor. * I did this, and it went away. * When the primer bulb is squeezed, the pressure created closes the inlet valve and opens the outlet valve, allowing fuel in the bulb … Remove primer seat using a crochet hook or other type of hook. That is, you don't have to keep an eye on the vac gauge needle. Size: 12mm. There are several methods to troubleshooting a stalling outboard engine. The engines store fuel in either a VST or an FSM. Thanks for any advice. New bulb was a genuine BRP one right? Most small engines will not start if the carburetor is dry. Pry retainer out and remove bulb from primer seat groove. Photo courtesy of Attwood Marine Products. Size: 12mm. They indicated that it was not supposed to have a primer bulb. ++ to PropNut! SUZUKI 3/8″ PRIMER BULB & FRESH WATER FLUSH FITTING 65770-93J02. Why does my outboard stall? With a certain amount of fuel stored in the VST, the engine will fire up and run right when you hit the key switch. Check here for special coupons and promotions. Let it run for a little while and carefully watch the fuel passing through the clear hose. Could this be a fuel pump issue or is there anything else I should check. Thanks for reading and we look forward to reading your responses and comments. Then it works fine. The line, fittings and bulb are not very expensive and will wear out eventually, not a … Sometimes I run across someone’s boat that will just not keep the fuel primed up. Born Again Boating is all about helping you learn more about your boat, how it works, and how to take care of it for many years of enjoyment on the water! Why Does My Outboard Lose Prime? On many small engines, this involves pulling the starter … Generally, if there is no issue, you can turn the engine off for a couple of hours and never lose prime. Easily create a Forum Website with Website Toolbox. Car Boat Hand Primer Bulb Marine Outboard Fuel Rubber Pump 6mm/0.24inch. Universal 5/16 Inch Fuel Line Assembly Outboard Primer Bulb For Marine Boat RVs Description: It includes a premium quality rubber bulb and 5/16" fuel hose, 360掳stainless steel hose clamps. pressurize the line, then check it again after 3 or 5 hours or so. 4.4 out of 5 stars 295. Free shipping . Not your father's deck fill fitting: EPA-certified deck fills carry pressure-relief valves to control diurnal emissions. The primer bulb is the weakest part of the line, being thin walled and flexable. i would check that first then try some differnt fuel. 8. When I prime it the bulb gets tight and does not to appear to be leaking and does not blead down. Either the lift pump has failed, the boat is out of fuel or there is an air leak or blockage somewhere in the fuel lines running fuel from the tank to the engine. ... 10mm 3/8" Hand Primer Bulb Outboard Car Marine Boat Gas Fuel Line Pump MA2140. Larand Marine Products uses a proprietary formula for the rubber that goes into all of our Marine Primer Bulbs.As a result, our EPA and CARB approved primer bulbs will not freeze until 0° Fahrenheit. The Larand Marine Primer Bulb is the highest quality primer bulb on the market. I am using this primer bulb on my 14 foot aluminum fishing boat. 15410-92E02 Suzuki Outboard High Pressure Fuel Filter. Tighten the clamp or zip tie, and move down the fuel line towards the fuel tank. Unlike your automobile engine, which typically has an electrical fuel pump located in the fuel tank itself that delivers fuel under pressure to the engine, most outboard motors have only a simple diaphragm fuel pump that operates from engine vacuum. Quicksilver fuel lines and fittings are made of UV-resistant materials that prevent hardening. Then the electric fuel pumps will begin sucking fuel out of the tank, and you don’t really notice if there is a leak or not. Vacuum lift pump test is a must here. Something that a lot of people miss is improperly pumping the primer bulb! Ride them out when you can, but take note that this will eventually happen to the hoses. FREE Delivery on your first order of items shipped by Amazon. 99. Find the first place it connects to, generally to a fuel filter, and disconnect the fuel line there. Retest and see if you have bubbles. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. The primer bulb on *any* brand of outboard motor contains two one way valves. Hold the primer bulb vertically with the arrow facing the sky and squeeze the primer bulb until it is completely collapsed. The fuel primer bulb will go limp and if you hear the engine bogging down, you can pump the bulb by hand real quick and it will eventually gain pressure again and run fine. Somewhere between the engine and the fuel tank.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'bornagainboating_com-box-3','ezslot_10',105,'0','0'])); Here are the best and quickest ways to troubleshoot and resolve this issue! Photo courtesy of Attwood Marine Products. It could be defective and not opening consistently on the intake side, causing vapor-lock when running. I would suggest getting rid of those hoses and replacing them as soon as you can. It is not uncommon for him to own and be working on at least three different boats at any given point in time! I'd also do a lift pump vacuum and clear hose test. That won't throw any codes but could cause massive damage. Found the fuel line ball went bad replaced ball. 2-Strokes on the other hand, that is a different story! But blockages don’t cure themselves. The top supplying country or region is China, which supply 100% of primer bulb respectively. NAVARME8mm 5/16 Black Bulb Type Rubber Fuel Transfer Vacuum Fuel Line Hand Primer Gasoline Petrol Diesel Pump For Marine Boat 9001080A. Other people who own this outboard say they never have to prime it at all. Insert the clear hose into the fuel line, prime up the engine, and start it up! "Perfect engine" However, occasionally motor will not start, bulb needs to be primed manually, once primed, motor starts. Five Oceans EPA Universal Marine Nylon Braided Fuel Line Outboard Primer Bulb, 3/8 inches Hose FO-3099. As of a few weeks ago, while in WOT, the motor will just bog down an Enough air leaking into the fuel line causes the oil pump to cycle faster, putting more oil in the mix, creating a smokier than usual exhaust. Squeeze bulbs on outboard motor fuel hoses prime empty fuel lines so that the outboard engine’s integral fuel pumping system, which only works with liquid, can pull the fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. Thanks for the replies. Primer bulb loses pressure intermittently. Aaron has been working in the Marine Industry for over a decade and holds certifications for Yamaha and Mercury Marine. Hi , I have a Mercury 90 HP ,2 stroke , 3 cyl. Wondering if the impeller could wear that  quick. On refills ? Check out our channel and get subscribed! Request The Next Technician's Tuesday Video Topic! Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35.00+. Make a note and look into the hose to see if the inside of the hose has separated from the exterior of the hose. Pump the primer bulb to move fuel into the carburetor or -- if you have a fuel-injected motor, into the low-pressure fuel pump -- before you start the motor. Add to cart ++ to 2004etec90! pumped it up and it was good the rest of the day. Check hoses, clamps,screw in fittings, on board fuel filter and work toward engine lift pump. I have never seen a primer ball on an oil tank on other engines Normally only after the engine is hot (not sure if related). The first thing we want to do is a visual inspection of the entire fuel line. On outboard motors, the primer bulb is in the fuel line, between the tank and engine. Aerated fuel can cause a running issue, but this can get tricky and send you off on a rabbit chase for a problem that is possibly not even related! I immediately checked the primer bulb and it was 30% to prime. It took about 50 squeezes on the bulb to get the fuel line filled thru to … Buy Attwood 93038LP7 Universal High-Output Primer Bulb, EPA and CARB Certified - 3/8-Inch at Dailymotion,  Run, stop, check the tell-tale to see the highest reading. Follow along the fuel line moving it around and looking at it. FREE Shipping by Amazon. 12mm Hand Fuel Pump Line Hand Primer Bulb Diesel Gasoline Transfer Petro MA2141. Fuel vaporization has been talked about on this forum recently. It really helps us out and we thank you so much for your support! If not, I'd replace the primer bulb. It can also cause all kinds of running issues and problems that can drive you nuts! Removal of the primer bulb can be made quick and easy using our Primer Bulb … If the primer bulb airlocks and won’t seem to get any fuel: Disconnect the fuel line from the engine side of the bulb. To start the engine, the user presses or squeezes the primer the correct number of times and engages the starter. Get Your Own Born Again Boating Apparel! $7.95. Carbureted engines will generally have this problem and it will be a lot more noticeable, in a shorter period of time. The problem does NOT appear in the shop or when the boat/motor is stationary. When you shake the bulb you cant hear the check ball inside. Another thing weird that is going on with my motor, that I just noticed recently. Bubbles on one side, and straight solid fuel on the other! Blue and gray fuel lines, (mostly the blue lines), are known for separating. Suitable for Carburettor and low pressure fuel systems.